The Marko Group is an educational consulting firm comprised of nine educational professionals who have over 150 years of demonstrated success at solving educational, financial, business, governance, leadership, and organizational challenges for the 6th largest school district in the nation.  Based on our consultants’ extensive experience and proven success, The Marko Group provides a customized array of integrated services tailored to meet the ever-present challenges of providing high quality educational choices for Florida’s students.


The Marko Group believes that:

  • Education for all students can be improved, student-by-student, school-by-school, district-by-district.
  • Every student in Florida is entitled to a quality education from a school with an organization, leaders, faculty, parents, and a community who are ready, willing, and able to make improvement.
  • Change is only improvement when driven by a review of existing data and determination of the “real” problems(s) in need of solutions.
  • Educational institutions may not always possess the objectivity and resources necessary to identify the problems and create effective solutions for improving the quality of services.
  • Experienced consultants working as an objective part of the educational improvement team can provide creative project based solutions to the “real” problems of an educational organization.

Change for quality improvement in your educational organization may be a rocky and winding road.

The Marko Group can help you plot the course for success through the power of our experience.